Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Look at Aboriginal Weapons

Typically, people in many parts of the world know very little about Aboriginal weapons. Through this article, you are provided an overview of Aboriginal weapons and traditions. The weapons that Aboriginal people have used since the Dreamtime are Spears, Stone Knives, Shields, Boomerangs, and Fighting Sticks . There are other equally important weapons, but these are the main ones used for hunting.

Large animals are hunted by the men, and small animals are gathered by the women in the Aboriginal tradition. The odds of success in obtaining animals is related to size. Large animals are hard to obtain, but provide a lot of meat, as well as a good deal of prestige for the successful hunter. Small animals individually provide little meat but can be obtained readily enough to provide much meat in total. Aboriginal weapons of various types are tailored to meet the variety of hunting needs.

Clap Sticks were used when Aboriginal men were walking across the land in search of food. They would hit the Clap Sticks together to let other people know that they were walking across their land. Instead of calling out to the people “We are coming across your land” they would knock the Clap Sticks together to warn them without scaring away the animals. Skill played a big role in the use of Aboriginal weapons.

These Aboriginal art symbols were also used for traditional dancing. Women and men would hit these Clap Sticks together while dancing around the campfire listening to the Didgeridoo under the Milky Way. This is why Didgeridoos and Clap Sticks have traditionally been used together for entertainment around the campfire. Aboriginal weapons are intricately involved with the traditions of Aboriginal society. More information on Aboriginal weapons can be found on the World Wide Web.