Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Look at the Latest from Browning Rifles

One of the latest products introduced by Browning Rifles is the 204 Ruger. In introducing the 204 Rugar onto the market, Browning Rifles announced:

“The 204 Ruger is one of the hottest new varmint calibers on the market. Packing more powder capacity than the popular 223 Rem., the 204 Ruger produces velocities of 4030 f.p.s., making it ideal for varmints and small predators out to 400 yards and beyond.” Obviously, this gun is one that Browning Rifles is very proud to have on the market.

One of the points about the 204 Ruger that Browning Rifles likes to emphasize is that the weapon “achieves such sizzling velocity with less propellant than either the 22-250 or the 220 Swift, this new cartridge offers exceptional ballistic performance with low recoil, reduced muzzle blast and longer barrel life.”

Browning Rifles offers the 204 Ruger in three different super short action A-Bolt models -- something to fit the need of any hunter, according to the company.

In regard to the variety of models of the 204 Browning Rifles has on the market, the company has announced: “Check out the popular and value-priced A-Bolt Hunter, the beautiful Medallion and the stealthy Varmint Stalker. These super-short actions are precisely scaled to the cartridge length, giving the receiver maximum stiffness for greater accuracy with minimum weight.”

Browning Rifles has announced that all three models of the 204 Ruger are now available at any Browning Full Line or at any Medallion Dealer in North America and elsewhere around the world. Browning Rifles has announced that if the 204 Ruger is not in stock, any certified dealer of Browning products can order the gun with ease. In short, you can have one or another of these models in your hands in no time at all.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Where to Buy Blue Wonder Gun Blueing

Blue Wonder makes a variety of products for gun enthusiasts, including Blue Wonder gun blueing. Blue Wonder gun blueing can be used for any gun cleaning project. In addition, the product is widely available on the market today, and for a reasonable price.

Blue Wonder gun blueing is effective at working to remove copper and lead fouling as well as surface rust. Indeed, this product can remove these problematic buildups in little time and without a great deal of effort on your part.

In addition to Blue Wonder gun blueing, Blue Wonder also makes the Blue Wonder Re-Bluing Kit. This product is simple to use and you don't need special skills or equipment to get that Hot Blue look and durability.

With these Blue Wonder gun blueing products, you can “re-blue” a gun to any shade in virtually minutes. The kit includes everything you need: 2 Ounces of gun blue, 1/2 ounce of developer, 1 ounce of gun cleaner and detailed instructions.

With Blue Wonder gun blueing, you can have the hot blue finish, at home, quickly, easily, inexpensively and without any residual odors. Blue Wonder Gun Blue's unique, two part process uses 24 Karat Gold and Pure Silver and provides a deep blue luster finish that rivals any new or any other finish. It will not wear off and it looks and wears great.

Many experts in the field of gun maintenance have given high marks to Blue Wonder gun blueing. Indeed, this is a product that actually is used by a wide number of professionals who are involved in the care and maintenance of firearms in different parts of the world.

Blue Wonder gun blueing is available at most gun shops and sporting goods stores. Additionally, Blue Wonder gun blueing can be ordered online.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Look at Axes Medieval Weapons

In the 21st century, many people have developed an interest in medieval weapons, including axes medieval weapons. The entertainment industry has spurred the interest in axes medieval weapons and other weapons of that era due to the significant number of motion pictures and television programs that are set in this time period.

The axe represents one of the first tools ever to be developed by human beings. When developed, the axe was not initially intended to be utilized as a weapon in conflicts between one person and another. According to most experts, the axe initially was designed to serve as a building tool and as an aid in hunting. However, as would prove to be the case throughout history, the axe was soon transformed into a weapon in conflicts between people. Thus, the axes medieval weapons was one of the most important weapons of that era, and in times preceding the medieval period.

When it came to axes medieval weapons and combat, there essentially were two different types of axes that were widely used in battle: the singled handed and the double handed axe. The single handed axe was in the possession of any decently armed foot soldier.

In point of fact, the same axes medieval weapons were also used during the Renaissance as well. Indeed, many modern soldiers are equipped with smaller versions of the single handed axe, not so much to be used as a weapon but as a survival tool.

Because the vast majority of combat during the medieval period was hand to hand, axes medieval weapons were invaluable. Indeed, for most foot soldiers, axes medieval weapons represented the most important weapon in their arsenals. Many a solider was killed at the hands of an enemy wielding an axe in the heat of battle.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Understanding the Designation of AOW Shotguns

In the United States, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms enforces the laws relating to the ownership and use of firearms within the United States. In this regard, the ATF has developed a classification system relating to guns. Included within that system is the classification of AOW shotguns. When it comes to AOW shotguns and the AOW classification, AOW represents “those weapons that are not considered to be a rifle, pistol or machinegun.”

The designation AOW shotguns actually stands for what is commonly known as “sawed off shotguns.” In the United States, a sawed off shotgun is illegal as a general rule.

The designation AOW shotguns can also stand for short barreled shotguns that are not of the sawed off variety. There are some shotguns that are manufactured with shorter barrels and that have not been altered after purchase. In some instances, the possession of these manufactured shorter barreled shot guns are permissible in the United States.

Manufactured (as opposed to altered) AOW shotguns are known as Class III NFA items. This means that the transfer of such weapons between individuals is highly regulated by the ATF. Indeed, the ATF must approve any transfer of such a weapon in advance of the transfer itself. The transfer request is processed on what is known as a ATF Form-4.

Statutes and regulations governing the possession and ownership of different types of firearms always seem to be in flux in the United States. This includes statutes and regulations relating to AOW shotguns. Therefore, when it comes to owning, possessing or transferring any weapon in the United States, including AOW shotguns, it is important to make certain that you are up to speed on the current state of the law governing a particular type of gun or weapon.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Look at Ancient Greek Weapons

Many history buffs have found themselves interested in ancient Greek weapons. Indeed, when it comes to history, ancient Greek weapons are uniquely fascinating.

The Hellenistic Age began with the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC and lasted until the true establishment of the Roman Empire upon the death of Cleopatra in 30 BC. The method of warfare in ancient Greece, and the world, consisted of arrows, spears, swords, axes and shields. Because of its ease of casting and superiority in strength, bronze was preferred in the making of weapons. Most ancient Greek weapons were fashioned from bronze.

The Hellenistic world was dominated by three great monarchies established by former Generals of Alexander. The Ptolomies ruled Egypt, the Seleucids ruled Syria, and Macedonia was ruled by Antigonus and his descendents. The Antigonid dynasty was constantly at war. It fought with other Greek states, the other Hellinstic kings, and later with Rome. These arrowheads are dated to this period of great strife and were possibly used in the attack or defense of one of these many battles including the eventual and inevitable clash with Rome which occurred without warning in 200 BC. Philip's army of only 25,000 men was attacked by Roman forces with great reserves of manpower. By skillful maneuvering with a quality army Philip kept his enemies apart until 197 BC. He eventually left an army of 40,000 men to his son Perseus in 179 BC which was eventually attacked by the Romans in 168 BC. This time Rome prevailed with 20,000 Macedonians fighting to the last at close quarters. Throughout this period, until conquered by Rome, ancient Greek weapons were predominate.

Though little is known as to the true purpose, these arrowheads contain a highly visible monogram near the base. They remain highly valuable and valued by people the world over interested in ancient Greek weapons. (As an aside, there are several great books on the subject of ancient Greek weapons available through any major bookseller in the brick and mortar world and online.)

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