Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Look at Axes Medieval Weapons

In the 21st century, many people have developed an interest in medieval weapons, including axes medieval weapons. The entertainment industry has spurred the interest in axes medieval weapons and other weapons of that era due to the significant number of motion pictures and television programs that are set in this time period.

The axe represents one of the first tools ever to be developed by human beings. When developed, the axe was not initially intended to be utilized as a weapon in conflicts between one person and another. According to most experts, the axe initially was designed to serve as a building tool and as an aid in hunting. However, as would prove to be the case throughout history, the axe was soon transformed into a weapon in conflicts between people. Thus, the axes medieval weapons was one of the most important weapons of that era, and in times preceding the medieval period.

When it came to axes medieval weapons and combat, there essentially were two different types of axes that were widely used in battle: the singled handed and the double handed axe. The single handed axe was in the possession of any decently armed foot soldier.

In point of fact, the same axes medieval weapons were also used during the Renaissance as well. Indeed, many modern soldiers are equipped with smaller versions of the single handed axe, not so much to be used as a weapon but as a survival tool.

Because the vast majority of combat during the medieval period was hand to hand, axes medieval weapons were invaluable. Indeed, for most foot soldiers, axes medieval weapons represented the most important weapon in their arsenals. Many a solider was killed at the hands of an enemy wielding an axe in the heat of battle.