Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Look at the Latest from Browning Rifles

One of the latest products introduced by Browning Rifles is the 204 Ruger. In introducing the 204 Rugar onto the market, Browning Rifles announced:

“The 204 Ruger is one of the hottest new varmint calibers on the market. Packing more powder capacity than the popular 223 Rem., the 204 Ruger produces velocities of 4030 f.p.s., making it ideal for varmints and small predators out to 400 yards and beyond.” Obviously, this gun is one that Browning Rifles is very proud to have on the market.

One of the points about the 204 Ruger that Browning Rifles likes to emphasize is that the weapon “achieves such sizzling velocity with less propellant than either the 22-250 or the 220 Swift, this new cartridge offers exceptional ballistic performance with low recoil, reduced muzzle blast and longer barrel life.”

Browning Rifles offers the 204 Ruger in three different super short action A-Bolt models -- something to fit the need of any hunter, according to the company.

In regard to the variety of models of the 204 Browning Rifles has on the market, the company has announced: “Check out the popular and value-priced A-Bolt Hunter, the beautiful Medallion and the stealthy Varmint Stalker. These super-short actions are precisely scaled to the cartridge length, giving the receiver maximum stiffness for greater accuracy with minimum weight.”

Browning Rifles has announced that all three models of the 204 Ruger are now available at any Browning Full Line or at any Medallion Dealer in North America and elsewhere around the world. Browning Rifles has announced that if the 204 Ruger is not in stock, any certified dealer of Browning products can order the gun with ease. In short, you can have one or another of these models in your hands in no time at all.