Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Best Gun Rust Remover

If you are a gun owner, you understand the importance of using a good, thorough gun rust remover. There are so many different products on the market, it can be confusing selecting between one gun rust remover and another.When it comes to gun rust remover, Corrosion X for guns is considered by many in the industry to be one of the best all around products on the market for maintaining firearms and improving their performance.

The product cuts through stubborn bore deposits and decreases fouling even after thousands of rounds. It lubricates and protects mechanisms and bores better than other products on the market and ideal for automatic or semi automatic weapons. It sticks to metal like a magnet to prevent rust, even in the rain.Tetra Gun Care is another gun rust remover that is showing up more often on shop benches, partly because its product line is expanding, partly because it's earned the allegiance of discriminating people.

Feinwerkbau, the precision air gun company, uses Tetra Gun lubricants in its German manufacturing plant. So does Walther for their products. Stateside, you'll find Tetra Gun in Savage and Marlin factories and in the Freedom Arms shop. Wildey and Para-Ordnance include samples of Tetra Gun products with their pistols. Kimber recommends Tetra Gun, as does the bow manufacturer Hoyt.

There are several gun rust removers that are on the market today that are highly touted by professionals in the industry but these two appear to be getting the majority of support by the end users. By shopping around and doing some comparisons, you will be able to find a gun rust remover product that best meets your needs. Additionally, these products come in a number of different price ranges, so, you should be able to find one in your budget range.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Who are Gun Control Pros? A Look at the Lobbyists

Gun control is a hot button issue in some countries around the world. Indeed, gun control is a very controversial issue in the United States. As a result, there have come to be a number of different gun control pros in the United States. These gun control pros are experts who are lobbying on both sides of the gun control issues.

Like with any major political issue, you will have both pros and cons on the subject. When it comes to gun control, the electorate in the United States sharply is divided. Thus, gun control pros, lobbyists and the like, spend a great deal of time and money on this issue.

There are over twenty organizations through which gun control pros actively lobby on the part of their position in relation to gun control and regulation. These organizations include:

Americans for Gun Safety - Anti-Gun Organization.

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence - Anti-Gun Organization

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep & Bear Arms- Pro-Gun Rights Organization,

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence – Anti-Gun Organization

Firearms & Liberty - Pro-Gun Rights Resource

Firearms Law Center - Anti-Gun Rights Organization

Gun Cite - Pro-Gun Rights Index/Resource, Gun Owners of America - Pro-Gun Rights Organization

Handgun-Free American - Anti-Gun Organization

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership - Pro-Gun Rights Organization

Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy & Research - University Think Tank

Join Together (Boston University) - Anti-Gun Organization

Justice for Gun Victims - Anti-Gun Organization

Keep And Bear Arms - Pro-Gun Rights Resource

Million Mom March - Anti-Gun Organization

National Rifle Association (NRA) - Pro-Gun Rights Organization

Potowmack Institute - Anti-Gun Organization

National Center for Policy Analysis - Pro-Gun Rights Think Tank

Second Amendment Foundation - Pro-Gun Rights Organization

Violence Policy Center - Anti-Gun Think Tank

Women Against Gun Control - Pro-Gun Rights Organization

More information on these various gun control pros can be obtained by contacting these organizations directly. These gun control pros are involved on both the state and federal levels.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Where to Find Gun Cabinet Plans

If you are a gun owner, you likely want to make certain that you have appropriate gun cabinet to keep your guns safe, secure and in good condition. Some people are interested in building their own gun cabinets. If you are such a person, you may be wondering what resources are available where you can obtain good gun cabinet plans.

The Internet is a solid resource when it comes to gun cabinet plans. There are a number of different websites at which you can obtain different types of gun cabinet plans. (In addition, these sites carry plans for gun racks and other items that are helpful to the gun owner.)

When it comes to gun cabinet plans available on the Net, there are a wide array of different options to chose from. On the Net, you can obtain everything from very simplistic gun cabinet plans to complicated plans that are very involved.

If you are not Net savvy, there are a number of different options available to you in the brick and mortar world through which you can obtain gun cabinet plans. The various magazines that are dedicated to gun ownership or hunting oftentimes carry gun cabinet plans in their publications. These plans that are contained in these publications generally are easy to follow.

In the brick and mortar world, some home improvement centers maintain gun cabinet plans within their inventory of various types of plans that they make available to their customers. In addition to carrying gun cabinet plans, some of these stores will also maintain in their inventories gun cabinet kits. A gun cabinet kit makes the creation of a gun cabinet a very easy process. All of the components are pre-cut. And, the gun cabinet plans included within these kits are extremely easy to follow.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Benefits of Gun Bluing: A Look at Cold Bluing

If you are a gun owner, you likely understand the need for thorough maintenance and cleaning of your firearm. To this end, applying gun bluing is a common and necessary practice when it comes to gun maintenance. Gun bluing is the substance that is applied to a firearm to protect against rusting and other conditions that can hamper the effectiveness, damage and ultimately destroy a firearm if left unattended.

A good number of gun owners seek out a professional to apply gun bluing to his or her gun. In this day and age, the costs associated with professional gun bluing has increased quite a bit. Therefore an growing number of gun owners have begun to shy away from professional bluing and have, instead, elected to take care of the task on their own.

Gun bluing does inevitable begin to wear off. Indeed, bluing can chip and wear away faster than more gun owners ever imagined. Therefore, the need to apply bluing can be a regular demand in the life of a gun owner.

A common type of gun bluing used by people who are doing their own work is commonly called “cold blue” by long time gun owners and experts in the field of gun maintenance. Cold blue is the types of touch up bluing that can be purchased over the counter in any gun shop or sports supply outlet in the brick and mortar world. Additionally, cold blue can be ordered from any number of Internet based websites.

There are some problems associated with using over the counter gun bluing such as cold blue. For example, when you are forced to apply cold blue to a significant amount of space on a gun, it is nearly impossible to avoid streaking. Of course, streaking lends a less than desirable appearance to a gun.

The biggest draw back of using gun bluing from an over the counter source, of using cold bluing, is the fact that it actually will not provide any true rust protection, which is one of the primary reasons gun owners use and gun bluing in the first instance.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

How to Get Free Pistol Targets in the Brick and Mortar World and Online

Many a target shooting enthusiast ends up complaining about the amount of money that he or she ends up having to spend on targets. Perhaps you are such a person. Perhaps you are on the proverbial hunt (so to speak) for ways in which you can save money on targets. In this regard, there are some sources through which you actually can obtain free pistol targets. Through this article, we provide you with a handy reference which you can utilize in your own search for free pistol targets.

If you are a member of an association or organization that promotes the proper use of guns or hunter safety, many of these groups readily provide their members with free pistol targets. These groups believe that it is in the best interests of their members and of the public generally for gun owners and gun users to have an abundant amount of practice with their firearms. Thus, they are pleased to make these free targets available to their members.

Indeed, many of these organizations work to make free pistol targets available to people interested in guns beyond their regular memberships. Through any number of different gun safety and gun training programs, these groups provide a great deal of these targets free of charge on a most regular basis.

The Internet is also a useful resource for free pistol targets. There are a number of sites involved with gun and hunter safety as well as educational programming that readily makes these targets available free of charge.

Some sporting good stores and gun shops will also make free pistol targets available to their customers. For example, when a customer makes a purchase of ammunition, the gun shop or sporting goods store will throw in several free pistol targets.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Where to Access Free Gun Values in the Brick and Mortar World and on the Net

If you are a collector of guns, you will need to have access to a reliable service that can help you with determining the value of your collection. Having someone come in and appraise your gun collection can be a costly venture. In this day and age you are not restricted to using the services of an appraiser that you have to pay and arm and a leg to obtain. Rather, there are services available today that offer free gun values for you. Both in the brick and mortar world and on the Internet, there are services that you can utilize to obtain free gun values.

In the brick and mortar world, there are a number of different associations and organizations that are dedicated to providing support services to people who collect guns. For a nominal membership fee, you can access a wide array of different support services relating to gun collecting, including free gun values.

On the Internet there are several different websites that are dedicated to gun collecting. These sites provide a wide array of different support services, including free gun values. Some of these websites charge a nominal fee for you to access a wide array of different services.

In addition, in both the brick and mortar world and in cyberspace there are gun dealers who from time to time do provide free gun values. More often than not, these dealers will provide you with free gun values in the event that you are planning on buying or selling a piece relating to your own gun collection. These gun dealers can be located on the Internet and through magazines regularly published in the real world. In addition, in some major cities, the Yellow Pages directory will include listings for bona fide and reputable gun dealers.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Where to Buy Firearm Surplus Parts on the Net

Searching the Net for firearm surplus parts can be a challenging process if not approached properly. While the Net provides an excellent array of firearm surplus parts sites to shop and buy from, not all the vendor sites are reputable or honest.

Therefore, before you attempt to search the Net for firearm surplus parts you may want to narrow your search criteria based on several basic factors to improve your chances of finding the reputable sites.

Prior to conducting your search for firearm surplus parts, consider identifying search criteria such as the type of firearm, period and country it was created in, manufacturer of the firearm and price your willing to pay. In addition, you may want to reference major firearm publications and industry periodicals for Net site search advice and site ratings from experts in the industry. Moreover, there are many firearm surplus part sites that list Net links, which if used, can save time in locating those same sites individually, yourself.

Don't be fooled, many sites proclaim to have the largest selection or lowest prices but it would be wise to read a few books about firearm surplus parts to gain a basic knowledge base prior to searching the Net. Furthermore, you may want to join a related club and ask those involved for their advice and experience with searching the Net for such products. These groups can be very helpful to you on a number of levels.

Whatever Net search approach you use, one thing is for sure you won't find a shortage of firearm surplus part sites to visit. By doing your own homework in regard to firearm surplus parts, you will be able to find a well suited site and the firearm surplus parts that you need and require.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Where to Buy a Custom Rifle Stock

If you are interested in owning the perfect rifle, you will want to take a close look at buying a custom rifle stock. There are a number of benefits to owning and using a custom rifle stock. In addition, there are a number of different locations where you can buy such a piece.

A custom rifle stock made of fiberglass has a number of advantages over wood. Fiberglass stocks will offer the shooter maximum performance and will hold the point of impact and remain stable indefinitely. A fiberglass stock is light. It handles quickly and easily. It is not affected, as wood is, by humidity, rain, and extreme temperature variation, you can rely on a good fiberglass stock to be accurate and maintain its excellent shooting qualities regardless of the weather conditions.

A custom rifle stock also comes in solid wood and the nice part of having a custom rifle stock designed for you is that you can choose the wood and get precision-fit rifle stocks finished to varied degrees of completion, in a number of different geometries, depending upon your preferences. You can choose a fully-inletted, fully finished stock precision-fit to your action. Then add custom options such as checkering, forends, buttplates, etc. And for those of you who are custom stockbuilders and gunsmiths, you may wish to select a semi-inletted, semi-shaped unfinished stock if you prefer to do the finish work yourself.

There are a number of different manufacturers of custom rifle stock products:

Richard’s Custom Rifles

Claude Gatewood Custom Rifles

Chuck Hawks Custom Rifles

These different manufacturers of custom rifle stock products have developed Internet websites in recent times. Through these websites, you can make arrangement to have your own custom rifle stock created by one or another of these well seasoned professionals.

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Monday, January 7, 2008

Choosing Custom Rifle Sights: The Benefits of Custom Designed and Made Products

Perhaps the most important element of a rifle is the sight. Indeed, in so many ways and on so many levels, a rifle cannot ever effectively be used if it does not have a proper sight in place. Consequently, many people who are serious hunters or marksmen have taken to having custom rifle sights made for them. Indeed, an ever growing number of hunters and marksmen are having custom rifle sights fashioned each and every year.

There are a number of specific benefits to having custom rifle sights made for your use. Despite the expense that can be involved in special ordering such products, the benefits far outweigh the costs in the eyes of many a hunter and marksman.

First of all, the sight really is a crucial part of the whole rifle apparatus. Indeed, many experts maintain that the sight is the most important feature. Therefore, if you order custom rifle sights, you can be certain that you are obtaining sights that are perfectly suited to your needs, ability, vision and experience. Having this type of sight likely will go far towards improving your skill as a hunter or marksman in little time.

Second, custom rifle sights are of high quality in most situations. (Really, no one will spend money on a custom made product that is not top notch.) Therefore, while you will be paying more money at the front end for custom rifle sights, in the long run you will end up saving money. You will not have to fork over money on repairs as often as you would with an over the counter product. In addition, your custom made product will last longer than an over the counter model. As a result, you will not have to seek out replacements for your sight for a long time.

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Where to Find Qualified Custom Rifle Makers

If you are an avid sports person, if you enjoy hunting or similar sporting activities, you might be interested in a handmade rifle. There are a number of different custom rifle makers that are in business today. This article is intended to provide you with some basic guidance in regard to finding one or another of the custom rifle makers that will best serve and meet your basic needs.

If you are searching for custom rifle makers, you might want to consider a membership in one or another of the organizations or associations that are involved in guns and hunting. Many of these associations maintain a listing of qualified custom rifle makers that can serve your needs. The benefits of connecting with a custom gun maker through such a group include the fact that these makers will have been vetted at least to some degree. Because the association has elected to connect with these makers, you are in a better position to rely upon the quality of their workmanship.

The Internet is also a valuable resource if you are looking for custom rifle makers. There are a number of such specialists who have set up interactive and user friendly Internet websites. Through these websites, you can find out more about the qualifications of the gun maker. In addition, if you are so inclined, you actually can order a product online. You will, of course, want to check references in regard to any gun maker advertising his (or her) services on the Internet and World Wide Web.

Many gun specialty shops in the brick and mortar world maintain alliances with custom rifle makers. If you are interested in obtaining a custom made gun, you might want to connect with a gun shop in your community to see what arrangements they can make in regard to custom rifle makers.

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Benefits of Buying Custom Precision Firearms

If you have spent time learning more about precision shooting, you may be interested in investing some money in custom precision firearms. There are many benefits to buying and owning custom precision firearms.

First of all, the primary benefit of owning custom precision firearms is found in the fact that you obtain precisely the kind of firearm that you are looking for and seeking. As you have honed your skills, you have developed a far better idea of what type of gun will best work for you. By having a gun custom made, you will be able to obtain the kind of firearm really does best match your skills, abilities and needs.

When you buy custom precision firearms, you have the knowledge that the gun will perform well over time. The durability and reliability of a custom made gun normally far outpaces what you can expect to find in a mass produced model.

Of course, you will end up spending more money for custom precision firearms. However, in many ways, the money spent on these products really represents something of an investment. You will have a product that you will be able to use often and for an extended period of time.

There are a number of different resources available to you through which you can obtain custom precision firearms. The Internet is a helpful source of information about where you can obtain custom precision firearms. In addition, many gun shops in the brick and mortar world can assist you in locating a reliable outlet for custom precision firearms. By doing a bit of shopping around, you should be able to find precisely the kind of custom made gun that best meets your needs. Additionally, you should be able to find such a product in your price range.

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The Benefits of Owning Custom Handguns

While the vast majority of people purchase handguns “over the counter” through a store or gun dealer, there is a significant minority of handgun owners who will only purchase custom handguns. These men and women swear by custom handguns and will not own anything less.

There are a number of definite benefits to custom handguns. These pros and benefits will be discussed generally in this article. If you want more information on the benefits of owing a custom made handgun, there is a great deal of material and information on the subject on the World Wide Web.

People elect to purchase and own handguns for a number of different reasons. Because of this, custom handguns can be a perfect solution for many people. You may be interested in owning a handgun. Your reason may be to have a sense of safety, security and protection. Therefore, you can elect to go the route of having a custom made handgun to obtain precisely the kind of product that will best serve your needs and desires.

Other men and women like to own a handgun because they life target shooting. Target shooting has become an increasingly popular recreational activity for people the world over. Custom handguns frequently are designed for people who have a keen interest in this sport. If you are interested in bettering your target shooting skills, your own custom made gun may in fact be the perfect solution for you.

More information on custom handguns can be found on the Internet. There are websites that provide basic information on custom handguns. In addition, there are a number of websites through which you can actually undertake the process of ordering a custom made handgun. In no time at all you can be the proud owner of precisely the type of gun that best suits your needs.

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Friday, January 4, 2008

The Benefits of a Custom Bolt Action Rifle

If you are considering the purchase of a rifle, you might want to examine the possibility of buying a custom bolt action rifle. Many people have found that there are a great deal of benefits to owning a custom bolt action rifle.

As mentioned, there are very real advantages to a custom bolt action rifle. One of the most important is the ability to specify an unusual, obsolete, or wildcat caliber that is simply not offered by the big factories. Thus, if you want something unique you will probably have to go the custom route.

Nevertheless, it is the custom bolt action rifle about which most well healed American shooters dream. Perhaps this is due to our heritage as "a nation of riflemen." There is a sense of satisfaction in owning something unique, made specifically for the owner. Particularly when that something is superior both functionally and aesthetically. For many hunters and sportsman, the Holy Grail of firearms is a custom hunting rifle.

Ordering a custom bolt action rifle allows the shooter to specify the stock dimensions that give him or her maximum comfort when shooting, this minimizes the effect of recoil. Type and style of grip (full pistol grip, semi-pistol grip, straight hand, thumb hole, etc.) can all be specified. The shape, round, squared-off, pear, of the forearm cross-section, as well as its length, taper and tip style can all be selected by the prospective owner.

In the end, if you are considering the purchase of a new firearm, you need to look at what you can gain over the long run by ordering and owning a custom bolt action rifle. Chances are, if you are a hunter of sportsperson, you will consider the purchase of a custom bolt action rifle to be a most worthy and important investment.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Civil War Guns: Weaponry in the 1800s

Civil War guns have intrigued people for years. Infantry tactics during the period of the Civil War were based on the use of the smoothbore musket, a weapon of limited range and accuracy. Firing lines that were much more than a hundred yards apart could not inflict very much damage on each other, so troops which were to make an attack would be massed together, elbow to elbow, and would make a run for it. Fighting techniques impacted the types of Civil War guns that ended up being utilized during that time period.

If they ran fast enough, the defensive line could not hurt them seriously, and when they got to close quarters, the advantage of numbers and the use of the bayonet would settle things. Although the Civil War musket was rifled, which made an enormous difference, it was still a muzzle-loader. It did, however, have much more accuracy and a far longer range than the old smoothbore, and it completely changed the conditions under which soldiers fought. An advancing line could be brought under killing fire at a distance of half a mile, now, and the massed charge of Napoleonic tradition was miserably out of date. In short, Civil War weapons required an alteration of overall fighting techniques.

Soldiers facing a defensive line now learned to dig trenches quite early in the battle to eliminate the threat of direct frontal assaults. Much of the same proved true later with the improvements made to cannons. Indeed, with the developments of Civil War weapons, fighting techniques began to be altered in ways that would carry forth through the First World War.

More information on Civil War weapons can be found on the Net at sites dedicated to the Civil War and that time period. Additionally, there are helpful books available in the brick and mortar world on the subject of Civil War Weapons available at major booksellers.

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Cellular Phone Stun Guns: A New Development in Personal Safety

Millions of people the world over own and regularly carry cellular phones with them wherever they go. Indeed, these people simply will not leave home without their cellular phones in hand. One of the reason that some people carry along their cellular phones is for protection. If these people ever find themselves in a problematic situation, they can use their cellular phones to call for help or assistance. In recent months, there have been some developments made in regard to cellular phones. One of the more unique develops involves the addition to mini-stun gun like devices into cellular phones, cellular phone stun guns. So called cellular phone stun guns are becoming a bit more available in different markets the world over.

At the present time cellular phone stun guns are not widely available in the brick and mortar world. In other words, you probably will find it difficult to walk into a store and find cellular phone stun guns readily available in the inventory. However, a growing number of merchants in the brick and mortar world can now arrange to have cellular phone products such as there ordered for you.

The Internet is fast becoming a reliable resource through which you can make the purchase of cellular phone stun guns and other personal security products. (As an aside, if you are ordering cellular phone stun guns from off of the Internet, you need to make certain that such an order and purchase complies with the statutes and regulations of the area in which you life. The laws governing the ownership of stun guns, including cellular phone stun guns varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Finally, if you elect to consider purchasing cellular phone stun guns, you need to educate yourself about the safety requirements of owning such a product. Certainly, you will not want someone accidentally injured by your personal safety device. The chance for injury with cellular phone stun guns can be higher due to the innocent looking nature of the device.

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