Friday, January 4, 2008

The Benefits of a Custom Bolt Action Rifle

If you are considering the purchase of a rifle, you might want to examine the possibility of buying a custom bolt action rifle. Many people have found that there are a great deal of benefits to owning a custom bolt action rifle.

As mentioned, there are very real advantages to a custom bolt action rifle. One of the most important is the ability to specify an unusual, obsolete, or wildcat caliber that is simply not offered by the big factories. Thus, if you want something unique you will probably have to go the custom route.

Nevertheless, it is the custom bolt action rifle about which most well healed American shooters dream. Perhaps this is due to our heritage as "a nation of riflemen." There is a sense of satisfaction in owning something unique, made specifically for the owner. Particularly when that something is superior both functionally and aesthetically. For many hunters and sportsman, the Holy Grail of firearms is a custom hunting rifle.

Ordering a custom bolt action rifle allows the shooter to specify the stock dimensions that give him or her maximum comfort when shooting, this minimizes the effect of recoil. Type and style of grip (full pistol grip, semi-pistol grip, straight hand, thumb hole, etc.) can all be specified. The shape, round, squared-off, pear, of the forearm cross-section, as well as its length, taper and tip style can all be selected by the prospective owner.

In the end, if you are considering the purchase of a new firearm, you need to look at what you can gain over the long run by ordering and owning a custom bolt action rifle. Chances are, if you are a hunter of sportsperson, you will consider the purchase of a custom bolt action rifle to be a most worthy and important investment.