Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Benefits of Gun Bluing: A Look at Cold Bluing

If you are a gun owner, you likely understand the need for thorough maintenance and cleaning of your firearm. To this end, applying gun bluing is a common and necessary practice when it comes to gun maintenance. Gun bluing is the substance that is applied to a firearm to protect against rusting and other conditions that can hamper the effectiveness, damage and ultimately destroy a firearm if left unattended.

A good number of gun owners seek out a professional to apply gun bluing to his or her gun. In this day and age, the costs associated with professional gun bluing has increased quite a bit. Therefore an growing number of gun owners have begun to shy away from professional bluing and have, instead, elected to take care of the task on their own.

Gun bluing does inevitable begin to wear off. Indeed, bluing can chip and wear away faster than more gun owners ever imagined. Therefore, the need to apply bluing can be a regular demand in the life of a gun owner.

A common type of gun bluing used by people who are doing their own work is commonly called “cold blue” by long time gun owners and experts in the field of gun maintenance. Cold blue is the types of touch up bluing that can be purchased over the counter in any gun shop or sports supply outlet in the brick and mortar world. Additionally, cold blue can be ordered from any number of Internet based websites.

There are some problems associated with using over the counter gun bluing such as cold blue. For example, when you are forced to apply cold blue to a significant amount of space on a gun, it is nearly impossible to avoid streaking. Of course, streaking lends a less than desirable appearance to a gun.

The biggest draw back of using gun bluing from an over the counter source, of using cold bluing, is the fact that it actually will not provide any true rust protection, which is one of the primary reasons gun owners use and gun bluing in the first instance.