Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ancient Roman Weapons: The Building of An Empire

The legions of the Roman Empire were equipped with some of the best arms and armor of the ancient world. Ancient Roman weapons were superior weapons. The superior nature of Ancient Roman weapons, coupled with the highly trained and committed Roman soldiers, ensured the Roman Empire that they possessed one of the most dominant military organizations the world had ever known.

In looking at Ancient Roman weapons, the artillery can be divided into two primary groups: torsion and non-torsion. Torsion engines derive their power from the twisting of a spring mechanism, generally made from a combination of animal sinew and hair. Non-torsion engines refer to those that derive their power from bending a stave made of wood or bone, much like a bow.

In addition, Ancient Roman weapons can be further divided by the type of projectile launched whether it be wooden or metal bolts, or stone spheres, like cannonballs. This engineering was very advanced for the time and made the Roman army a very fierce enemy.

Considering Ancient Roman weapons overall, the typical Roman soldier used weapons such as swords, daggers, axes and spears and was protected with leather or metal protective armor.

If you want more information on Ancient Roman weapons, there are a number of websites on the Net dedicated exclusively to ancient battle techniques and weapons. In addition, there are a number of books published on the subject of ancient weapons and battle techniques. These books are available both in the brick and mortar world and at a number of user friendly sites on the Internet and World Wide Web.

In reviewing Ancient Roman weapons, you may want to access a number of videos that have been produced. These videos demonstrate how Ancient Roman weapons actually were used. These films are very informative and well done.