Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Look At The Creation of Desert Eagle Firearms

Desert Eagle Firearms were developed and designed by Magnum Research, Inc. Desert Eagle Firearms were patented in 1980. The first working version of the gun was introduced in 1981 in prototype form. Later in the year, just over 1,000 pistols were manufactured and sold.

According to the company, these initial versions are now collectors items. �These pistols, collector's items today, have traditional land-and-grove rifling, and they will not accept extended barrels or caliber conversion kits.�

The manufacturer continued its research and development program in regard to the Desert Eagle Firearms. According to the company: �In 1985, the barrel was changed to incorporate polygonal rifling, to help enhance the pistol's accuracy. In 1986, a .44 Magnum version of the pistol was perfected; it was the very first semi-automatic .44 Magnum pistol successfully brought to market. Also in 1986, Magnum Research set aside 1,000 serial numbers for the Collector Edition Presentation Series, consisting of 100 Gold Editions, 400 Silver Editions and 500 Bronze Editions.�

The company continue to enhance the Desert Eagle Firearms line. In 1987, the .41 Magnum Desert Eagle Pistol was introduced -- although it no longer is on the market. According to the company, all Desert Eagle Pistols have �Mark VII features�, which are: enlarged safety levers, an enlarged slide release and an improved, two-stage trigger.

The most recent products introduced by the manufacturer of Desert Eagle Firearms is the Express Desert Eagle Pistol. As the company announced in releasing this latest of the Desert Eagle Firearms: �Since Magnum Research introduced the caliber - once considered impossible to build - several other manufacturers have begun to produce .50 Magnum (a.k.a. .50 Action Express) firearms. They are made by IMI and are quite possibly one of the most powerful handguns in the world.�