Friday, October 23, 2009

How To Make A Potato Gun

There are a number of different types of rather off-beat �guns� that many people enjoy using, including the potato gun. Perhaps you are interested in learning how to make a potato gun.

Building a potato gun is easy. All you need to make a spud gun is some plastic abs pipe, couplers, an end cap and some sort of igniter. Abs pipe is better than pvc because it won�t shatter like pvc pipe can at times. The pipe needs to be approximately 40 inches by 2 inches.

The igniter that can be used on a potato gun can be the same type of igniter used on a bar-b-que grill.

Once you obtain your supplies, you glue it all together. There are some useful resources on the Internet and World Wide Web that can provide you step by step assembly instructions.

After you have completed the assembly of the potato gun, you then put the spud in the gun. You then spray about 7-8 seconds of hairspray into the gun. After which you put the end cap on and ignite. Remember spud guns aren�t toys so please be safe and use common sense. They can be dangerous if not used correctly. Children should never use a spud gun without direct parental supervision.

There are many unusual and unique ways to make a potato gun so you can get creative or just look on line for many designs that others have shared. You may want to look up a number of different websites on the Net that discuss the potato gun and other unusual �firearms.� Some of these sites have videos featuring a homemade gun -- including how to make them and how to use them. These videos can be very helpful and entertaining at the same time.