Monday, October 19, 2009

Medieval Warfare Weapons: A Look Back In Time

Our medieval forefathers were quite ingenious when it came to warfare. Let�s take a look back in time and examine some of the medieval warfare weapons. There are a number of different medieval warfare weapons that proved vital on the battlefield.

When in comes to medieval warfare weapons, the knight�s sword was his most important weapon. For this reason, blacksmiths invented the two handed sword because it was so dangerous and effective. The sword could cut even through bone.

Some swords were made with serrated edges to cut off the pikes of their opponents� axes. Swords were made of light iron and were commonly used by foot soldiers. Swords sometimes had their coat of arms imprinted on the blade. Some swords had gold or velvet handles and were used for ceremonial purposes. Overall, and has been said, swords were the most important of the medieval warfare weapons.

Daggers were also popular medieval warfare weapons and were often hidden in walking sticks. They were usually thin but very sharp.

Longbows were as large as the archer and were most commonly used by the soldiers on the castle walls and were key medieval warfare weapons. They required great skill. Crossbows were also used and made from wood and iron and twisted cord. They were hard to load and easy to shoot.

The catapult and battering ram were also of major importance in medieval war time, widely used and effective medieval warfare weapons. These devices allowed troops to storm an enemy�s city.

More information on the various types of medieval warfare weapons can be found online. Additionally, there are a number of well written books on medieval warfare weapons that can be ordered through any major bookseller in the brick and mortar world.