Monday, November 16, 2009

A Look at SWAT Team Weapons

One of the most dangerous assignments in law enforcement is the SWAT team. SWAT teams have to deal with some of the most hazardous situations imaginable on a frequent basis. Because of the nature of their work, SWAT team weapons are very specialized. Indeed, in some ways, SWAT team weapons are not that different from what might otherwise be found on battlefields.

A common type of weapon included in the listing of SWAT team weapons are different types of automatic guns. While automatic weapons are restricted in their use, even by law enforcement, SWAT teams to regularly have access to these type of weapons.

In addition to SWAT team weapons including automatic weapons, a growing number of SWAT teams have access to different types of minor explosive devises. These weapons are designed more to deal with obstructions and physical impediments that are shielding a person or persons which the SWAT team is attempting to subdue.

SWAT team weapons also include different types of gassing devices. This includes tear gas and pepper type gasses. These weapons are used to try and subdue culprits which the team desires to subdue and arrest.

Tanks have also been introduced in some cities as part of the SWAT team weapons inventory. In most cases they are modified tanks. These weapons are beginning to be used with greater frequency all of the time.

When it comes to SWAT team weapons, in many countries additional weapons have been added due to concerns with terrorism. In the future, many SWAT teams are expected to be called upon to deal with terrorism issues. There are a number of different ongoing research studies addressing the matter and issue of SWAT team weapons and terrorism. These studies are part of an overall attempt to protect the populace from the dangers of terrorism.