Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Plusses And Practical Benefits Of Medieval Chain Weapons

One of the most widely used of the medieval weapons were the medieval chain weapons. Indeed, most men called to battle during that point in history used medieval chain weapons.

There were a number of reasons that medieval chain weapons were so widely used. The most important reason that chain weapons were widely used is their effectiveness. Chain weapons could be welded with effectiveness whether a person were on foot or mounted on a horse. Chain weapons could be used with brutal efficiency and effectiveness by men at war.

Medieval chain weapons were also easy to carry. When a person was off to battle on foot or on a horse, it was important that the weapons he brought along be easy to carry and manage. In many instances, a person had to troop a very great distance before joining the enemy. Having to load up and cart cumbersome weapons would have made the journey far more difficult.

Medieval chain weapons were rather simple to manufacture. In times of war, it was important that weapons be able to be crafted and supplied in short speed in many occasions. Therefore, chain weapons fitted that particular bill.

If you are interested in finding out more about medieval chain weapons, the Internet is a handy resource. There are a number of websites that deal with medieval weapons and battles. In addition to the Net being a solid resource for information on medieval chain weapons, there are a number of well regarded books on the subject. These books are available at any major bookseller and at most local community libraries. Additionally, there are a number of museums in different parts of the world that maintain interesting and very complete exhibits of all types of medieval weapons and related artifacts.